Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wyatt's 1st Birthday- Shark Attack!!!!

In my family it's a tradition for the mom to makes the kid's birthday cake. I made Rodney a Fire Truck, and recently bowling pins. Lizzy had Butterflies for her first. So with my nephew's first birthday Carrie and I decided to tackle sharks. The body of the shark is a Twinkie, glued to the cupcake with icing. The fin half an Oreo, then the whole thing gets dipped in icing.

Bouy's, for the sharks to swim around.

Life Preservers for saving lives.......

Lastly our completed shark, it took most of the day Saturday for Carrie, Jeremy and I make all of this. Jeremy did a great job on the gills, my hands shake to bad for small detail work.

Our own Gulf Of Mexico. Everyone love it and Wyatt enjoyed eating some of the cake and the lighthouse.


Gainesville Griffins said...

I absolutely love these adorable cupcakes! You three did a wonderful job!

The Barnetts said...

Wow Christie. That is impressive!!

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Lilypie Kids birthday Ticker